Re: USRA SS Boxcars Circa 1958

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford <mallardlodge1000@...>


Absolutely true. But if an RF&P car was to be regular on my small
layout, I would want to justify it by having an industry that would
receive cars regularly from the RF&P.

Thanks for the car numbers. I've made a note of them for future use.

Garth Groff

On 6/17/21, spsalso via <Edwardsutorik@...> wrote:

Also being an RF&P kind of person, I will point out that an RF&P car could
have shipped product from Virginia to Points Anywhere, and then be reloaded
back to a shortline connected to RF&P.  I believe that is how it was
supposed to work.

My point is that RF&P cars weren't only for on-line shipping.

I photographed RF&P 2202, 2298 and 2187 in Oakland CA in 1975-1978.  I am
sure they were all yearning to get back to their home with good California
products.  Maybe something from Delmonte?


Edward Sutorik

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