Rapido USRA Boxcars vs. Accurail SS OB Boxcars



As someone who owns and have upgraded numerous examples of the Accurail single sheathed, outside braced boxcars, I wondered if the Accurail cars are close representation of the USRA cars.  The most noticeable difference is the cast on ladders on the Accurail cars vs. separate hand grabs on the Rapido model.  The photos in the RPC CYC #17 article of the USRA cars do show separate grabs on the various cars rather than ladders except one photo of PRR #38881 with the Creco doors. 

An article in Railmodel Journal (Feb 93) by Richard Hendrickson basically indicated that the Accurail model  was patterned after the CN cars, though those cars had wood ends and many of the Accurail models were offered with metal ends.  Are the Accurail models with metal ends accurate for the USRA cars other than the cast-on ladders?

Thanks for any guidance.

William Botkin
Centennial, CO

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