Re: Rapido USRA Boxcars vs. Accurail SS OB Boxcars

Robert kirkham

I’m not aware of a series of Canadian Pacific “9 panel” cars with Z bracing (other than the WWII era war emergency cars (adapted from the 1937 design).  As far as I have seen, they were all similar to the USRA cars, with hat profile braces.  They were modestly heavier (2100 lbs), which I believe was attributable to the framing etc of the bottom opening grain doors located on the car floor in line with each side door.

Based on my studies, the only CPR "9 panel" cars with the 7/8 Murphy ends were cars in the following series:
230000-230999 blt by NSC  
231000-232499 blt by CCF  
232500-232999 blt by ECC  
233000-233499 blt by CCF 

All cars were built 1920-21 and, by 1923, were grouped into the 3500 car series 230000-233499 series, where they remained until re-buildings started in the July, 1935.  The most visible element of the rebuilding was removal of the grain doors, and so it is fairly easy to use a single model to represent original or later cars with minimal effort.  

If the PP slide attached comes through, it shows my understanding of the re-build and renumbering of the cars.      

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On Sat, Jun 19, 2021 at 08:52 AM, Robert kirkham wrote:
The USRA cars had a 3 panel end (not the two panel found on the Accurail 7/8 end), with 5/5/5 corrugation patterns.    (Have not looked up if there were USRA cars with other ends.)
There were some "clones" of the USRA design that had two panel ends with a 7/8 rib arrangement, built in the early twenties. Canadian Pacific had some, as did C&NW, but these later cars were slightly reduced in height compared to the original.

The Accurail "nine panel" single sheathed car with corrugated steel ends specifically models a group of early CN automobile cars that had the same IH as the boxcars, AFTER the were rebuilt with single six foot wide doors.

Dennis Storzek

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