Re: HO ASF A-3 Ride Control Truck

Tim O'Connor


Happy, but NOT satisfied - Tangent's new trucks have rotating roller bearing caps! These
(in my opinion) are a useless and problematic feature for HO scale models.

I still have lots of Kato trucks and 0.950 semiscale Reboxx wheels for them. :-)

Tim O'Connor

On 6/19/2021 10:01 PM, brianleppert@... wrote:

Check out Tangent's newest releases of PS-1 combination door box cars.  He's doing  50-ton solid-bearing Barber S-2 spring plankless trucks, ASF 50-ton A-3 Ride Control trucks and A-3 50-ton roller bearing trucks.  His wheelsets fit my trucks.

I hope he will sell enough separately to fill a large demand for years to come.  Tim O'Conner should be happy.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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