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Brian Carlson

Jim. Six DOOR types 

Brian J. Carlson 

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Only six X26 cars on the PRR?  In what time period?  I model 1951, so there must have been more than that in service at that time.

Jim Hunter

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There were at least six on the PRR.  At least one X26 received a door like on the sole X36 built by PRR as their first outside post box car.


The others are well documented in pics.


This is a class and type of car you could spend a lifetime modeling/bashing!


Elden Gatwood


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I’ve seen pictures of five replacement doors, Creco, Youngstown, Superior, plus a Youngstown and a carbuilder (that looks similar to Creco), both with a weld line in the center because they were spliced from 4’ doors from X28s. 

They generally received replacement Hutchins roofs as well, Im not sure if any Pennsy ones retained their original roofs. 

This is all concern in my post here:



Randy Hammill
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