Re: W&LE wood coal gon at Beechwood Mine, Fairmont Coal Company, Monongalia County, WV 1907


On this subject of mines, the production numbers of mines from the time period in question (circa 1910) are available online thanks to scans of the WV Geological Survey books. This mine in question (Consolidated #30 at Beechwood, WV) had a daily rated capacity of 350 tons (using long tons, where 2240lb = 1 long ton), but was only producing 155 tons per day on average in 1910/1911. 

So the "750 tons" number does appear to refer to the capacity of the haulage system and not the mine's production.

Link to source:

Overview page (pg 713 of scan) of Mon County:

Description of Mine (pg 755 of scan):

Copies of these surveys are generally available for every county in West Virginia, and contain a wealth of information regarding mine and coke oven production of the time. There are also photographs and numerous maps scattered throughout, some of which include detail and overview shots of tipples and various freight cars. 

Andy Cummings
Houston, TX

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