Re: Photo: Wrecked Freight Cars (Undated)

Schuyler Larrabee

Thanks, again, Dennis.  Now I see that the 1776 car extends past the more-or-less intact car to the left of those men.  Because the corner of that car coincides with the corner of the torn-apart roof, it appeared to me that was a separate box from the rest of the car.


I also noted this time with some amusement how many of the extended vertical shaft brake wheels have suffered what so many HO scale models do, shafts bent at the roofline . . .  😊 most extreme example right below the number 1776.




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But I was curious about the evidently dismembered car number 1776 in the upper left of the photo.  Cleanly chopped off, it appears, and where is the rest of that car?



Behind the car in front of it. The body isn't completely broken, only the roof, and the men are standing on the load in the car.

Dennis Storzek


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