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Bruce Smith



While Larry asked about RF cars being rebuilt, your answer sounds more general. Indeed, ex-PRR RF cars DID make it into NX service. They obviously did not make it past WWII, but prior to that, they could be found, often leased to packers, including Kahns. I have a 1941 photo of EKSX 1046.  It looks like a small number of these cars remained in service, at least through the 1943 ORER.  The cars appear to have the standard "FGE/NX" style lettering for "THE E. KAHN'S SONS COMPANY", "EKSX" and "BRINE TANK REFRIGERATOR".


I do not know if any of these cars were rebuilt into more “modern” 36’ cars by FGE/National.



Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL


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Here is a question that is total speculation- were any of these 36 ft NX reefers rebuilt out of ex PRR
class RF cars?

My understanding (although I don't have anything to verify) is that all of the ex-PRR cars became FGEX cars, and none of them went to NX (which wasn't formed until about 8 years after FGEX).  If someone has evidence to the contrary, I'd love to hear it.
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