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Allan Smith

There is a photo of a 10,000 gal car WESTVACO on page 52 of Tank Cars AC&F by Ed Kaminski. But the car you are looking for is on page 96 of AC&F 1899-1999 by Ed Kaminski  It is an 8000 gal car ICC 103-W SHPX 4733 lot 2257 built 8-41.

Al Smith
Sonora CA

On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 01:28:18 PM PDT, Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

Here is a 1957 photo showing the Westvaco + FMC lettering. Eventually soda ash out of Green River
became an enormous commodity for the UP.

Tim O'Connor

On 6/23/2021 4:16 PM, Ed Hawkins wrote:

On Jun 23, 2021, at 2:32 PM, Andy Cummings <andy.w.cummings@...> wrote:

I _think_ these cars were leased SHPX cars, but I could be confusing them with the rest of the leased FMC cars. Models (and possibly decals) have been produced for cars assigned to both the South Charleston (inorganic) and Nitro (organic) WV divisions of FMC, but I've not seen any mass-produced models in this particular transitional scheme.  

Incidentally, if you (or anyone) produce decals for these cars I would be greatly interested in a set or three. My long-term modeling plans include the C&O yard which directly serviced this facility and possibly part of the facility itself.

Andy & Ben,
The earlier lettering clue by the side ladder of approx. 45,xxx pounds of water equates to a nominal 6,000-gallon capacity, a common size for chlorine tank cars. I did a search of ACF tank cars built from the mid-1920s thru the early 1950s but didn’t find any matches of 6,000 gallon, ARA V or ICC-105A cars originally owned by Westvaco or leased from SHPX Shippers’ Car Line and lettered accordingly. If not an ACF car, perhaps it was built by General American.

Westvaco Chorine Products Corp. and Westvaco Chemical Division, leased 38 SHPX 1958 cu. ft. LO covered hopper cars built from 5-47 to 6-51 (see RP CYC Vol. 27). Roughly 30 years ago I coordinated with Microscale, who produced decal set #87-660 that included lettering for these Westvaco LO’s and 4 plant locations to include South Charleston, W.V. 

I’m curious if anyone can determine an estimated date of the photo. 
Ed Hawkins

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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