Re: Fish Trade and Canadian cars

Stafford Swain <sswain@...>

The CNR's Winnipeg Terminal area (aka the East Yard) had a "Fish Room" attached at the track-end of one of the four freight houses that were part of the team track area.

Freshwater fish (iced, filleted or "round" walleye or frozen whitefish (think gefeltafish [sic] for the Passover) or whatever other commercial forms of fish products existed would be trucked there from the processors up on Lake Winnipeg and then rapidly transhipped.

Then there was the smoke house trade for Lake Winnipeg Goldeye (which didn't necessarily come from Lake Winnipeg).

Was it all moved in express reefers, I suspect not but . . .

Finally, I'm told the clean-up cure for a car that bad-ordered and thus rotted a fish load was to either burn the car or else to spread a whole lot of ground coffee on the floor and leave the doors open for a week or three.

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