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Schuyler Larrabee

My original follow-on question to the photo that started this thread was intended to suggest some other users of the circular tub variety of pickle cars that would have been seen in the northeast, PA, NY, and neighboring states..  I was, perhaps, a little to elliptical in my rather vague question.  Any suggestions now that I’m being more specific?



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Eric: do you have David J. Leider’s “Pickle and Vinegar Makers of the Midwest”? I don’t think it applies directly to your situation, but it has lots of info on plant layouts, photos of plants, cars, etc.


I’ll lend you my copy if you like.




Brian Ehni



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I'll have three pickle and food production plants to serve on my future layout with HJ Heinz, Lutz & Schramm, and Cruikshank Brothers. Have you stumbled across details for cars that transported pickles from the field plants to Lutz & Schramm and Cruikshank Brothers in Pittsburgh, Penna.?




Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN


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Sguire-Dingee was a Chicago company, but had salting stations all over the midwest as w3ell as subsidaries in other parts of the US. Pickle cars of this type were used all over to pick up salted pickles for further processing
David Leider



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