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mel perry

there was also a web site dedicated to
the boxcar/reefer of HJH, but that has
long since disappeared
mel perry

On Fri, Jun 25, 2021, 1:54 AM Frank Pearsall <plans@...> wrote:
Good morning all:

I have a two page set of 1/4” drawings  for (1) H.J. Heinz Pickle Tank Car with enclosed tops (dated April 19, 1941) and (2) H.J. Heinz Vinegar Tank Car (dated May 7, 1941). The drawings are from the H.J. Heinz Company itself and are labeled “…for model construction”.

Back in the 1980s, when NMRA Sigs were all the big rage, there was an H.J. Heinz one for the pickle tank cars. I think we had a kinda-sorta newsletter and used to have informal get-togethers at NMRA nationals. I went down to my Jack Benny sub-basement and looked in my old archives, but couldn’t find anything. There might have been 10 or so guys in the group. The  only one I can recall right now was Al Westerfield.

Frank A. Pearsall
Brevard, N.C.

On Jun 25, 2021, at 12:07 AM, Kenneth Montero <va661midlo@...> wrote:

FWIW, Athearn made a pickle car that could be built with exposed tubs or enclosed tubs. They were lettered for H.J.Heinz. I don't know how close it was to any prototype.

Ken Montero 

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Correction. The Heinz cars were tubs, but this photo shows they may have been enclosed.


Brian Ehni

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