Re: B&O ds trussrod boxcar (72448 maybe?) at Pittsburg and Fairmont Fuel Company WV in 1907

Eric Lombard

Greetings, Everyone. Once again I am late to the party....

I would like to share some information you might find interesting. B&O 72948 belongs to their class M-8 of which 21,060 can be documented as built over 1896 - 1900.

#72948 Began life as a member of B&OS-W 15000-15750 built 1898 - c.1899.

Over 1903 - c.1906 those series were renumbered to B&O 70000-72699. These cars were stencilled as #72948 in the photo. What is hard to notice are white stipples beneath "Baltimore & Ohio" to the right of the door. That is a small font "B&OS-W" -- marginally more detectable in the attached photo of #71496 shared with me by both Ray Breyer and Eric Hundsman. The last of 70000-72699 in original configuration was retired in 1928; #71260. See footnote 1.

Beginning 1912, about 64% of the active M-8's were rebuilt with upgrades. Nearly all were renumbered. See footnote 2.

Eric L

1. The B&O 1901-1907 renumbering--- The Safety Appliance Act of February 1893 required (among other things) that "enough"(!) freight cars in a train have air brakes so that the train could be stopped without use of hand brakes. Compliance by March 1898 was extended to March 1900. The act was amended in 1903 to require 50% of cars to have air brakes [3982, 5-6]. Renumbering the M-08 in combined B&O 38000-64399, combined B&OS-W 15000-17759, and P&W 16000-16249 into various series within 65000-89999 "may" correlate with installation of air brakes on those not already so equipped. Most certainly, clearing serials below 65000 for freight cars other than box cars and bringing the B&OS-W and P&W into the overall B&O numbering scheme were important correlates of the renumbering. I've not seen any documentation for this correlation. If you know of documentation I would very much like to hear from you.

2. Over 1912-1916 + 1917 & 1921 a minimum of 11,736+ M-8 were RBLT out of the 18,,300 still active in early 1912: 64%. Twenty were RBLT with steel underframes, M-08A, 1912-13. Over 11,200 M-08B were RBLT with steel center sills having a modest fishbelly 
shape, steel body and truck bolsters, and outside metal roofs on many, 1912-1916 +1917. Finally, 500 M-O8C were rebuilt by AFC 1921. If not already so modified, all cars are brought into compliance with the United States Safety Appliance Act to meet the original 1916 deadline for those requirements (later extended to 1920). Rebuilding occurred both at the B&O shops and the commercial builders ACF, BCF, RSC, SSC, and RCC.


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B&O ds trussrod boxcar (72448 maybe?) at Pittsburg and Fairmont Fuel Company WV in 1907
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