Re: Vallejo galvanized paint color

Daniel A. Mitchell

Yes and no. Mostly I agree with you, but “sand” can mean any of a variety of granular minerals. Common “beach" sand is mostly silicon oxide. On the other hand most sand used as an abrasive (“sandpaper”) is aluminum oxide. I thought that was more descriptive of the porous granular coating formed on anodized aluminum.

Dan Mitchell

On Jun 25, 2021, at 4:33 PM, Tony Thompson <tony@...> wrote:

Dan Mitchell wrote:

Plainly anodized aluminum is a whitish-silver color. It’s actually a (usually thick) layer of aluminum-oxide (colorless sand).

Um, no. Sand is commonly mostly made up of silicon oxide or silica, not aluminum oxide, though there are numerous minerals that contain aluminum, and thus can be present in sand.

Tony Thompson

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