Re: Vallejo galvanized paint color

Daniel A. Mitchell

My experience is that plain aluminum, or plain anodized aluminum, is a "whiter” color than plain galvanized steel. Aluminum "grays” and dulls with age.

NEW galvanized steel is brighter and more reflective than plain steel, and has a slightly blueish color. New galvanized panels are usually quite smooth and shiny. Their surface dulls, roughens and “grays” with age. Older galvanized steel will acquire a more reddish or brownish color as rusting begins … this will usually start around the edges of the panels.

New galvanized steel does not accept paint well … it does not adhere.

Of course ANY such panels will also acquire a coating of dirt. As the surface of the panel corrodes it become rough and dirt will more easily adhere to it. The flatter the roof angle, the more dirt will accumulate and affect the color.

Dan Mitchell

On Jun 26, 2021, at 10:31 AM, mrvant@... wrote:

Vallejo also offers flat aluminum in its metal colours line. 

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