Re: Photo: Pickle Car - further question

Tony Thompson

Richard Townsend  wrote:

The California Dispatch Line had an unspecified number of TW cars in the number series CDLX 277-317 that were described as being "equipped with 6 wooden tanks." I associate CDLX cars with the wine industry and I wonder just what these cars looked like and how they were used. I immediately picture an extra-long tub car but can't imagine that would be right. Maybe the tanks were internal to a house car.

These are the 40 cars CDLX bought from PFE during 1933-35, cars of Class R-30-6. All had roofs removed, six glass-lined steel tanks installed, and roofs replaced. Also, ice bunkers and hatches were removed. This is from the PFE records (PFE may well have done the work). Why they were classified as TW, I don’t know. There are photos of two of them in the PFE book.
Incidentally, CDLX leased tank cars to many companies not involved with wine, though they did have a big fleet of wine tank cars. It is correct to associate them with the wine business, but certainly not exclusively. 

Tony Thompson

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