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Is this the one about the size of a checkbook?  I had one of these and would have to dig it out.


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I would like to get a copy of the Milwaukee car diagram book, if <railsunl@...> your paypal or would you prefer credit cars?

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I have reproduced a Milwaukee freight car diagram book from 1958, just at the end of the classic era.

The original book in my collection, measured 4 1/2" by 11 1/2". The reproduced size is 8 1/2 by 11", allowing two diagrams per page. The comb binding allows the book to open flat. Note the sample page shows two rib side boxcars, one with a end door.

The 1958 date starts with some modernization of the freight car fleet, while still listing many composite car classes built in the 1920's. There are many surprises, such as 50' composite wood chip car, many variations of flat cars from 36' to 53', log cars, covered hoppers, MOW cars and cabooses.

81 pages for $29.95 plus shipping.

Please contact me off list.

Ted Schnepf
126 Will Scarlet,
Elgin, Ill. 60120


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