Re: Walthers HO Scale Gondola

Tony Thompson

Ben Hom wrote:

Tony Thompson wrote:
"Not sure whose tooling this was originally, maybe LifeLike, but it ain’t an SP gondola. It’s an 8-panel car, numbered for SP Class G-50-2, but those were 14-panel cars, with two of the panels wider than the others."

I found these kitbashes by Jason Hill interesting, especially since I have a bunch of these things:

Jason’s article is indeed interesting, and produced reasonable stand-ins for some of these cars. My own problem is that Classes G-50-3 and -6 were greatly reduced by 1940 and entirely gone soon after WW II, so that for transition-era modelers, these aren’t too useful (Jason addressed this by marking them as MOW cars). Class G-50-8 did survive well after the war, but was primarily used on T&NO, so of less interest. 

Tony Thompson

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