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Check the listing of reporting marks in the back of your ORERs that are missing the L&S cars.  Not all private car owners listings appeared in every ORER.  When a company had cars but wasn't listed in that edition, there was a mark like the dagger symbol indicating such.  I discovered that with True's Oil Company, TOCX, which had the same 3 compartment car forever, but it only showed up in half of the ORERs I checked.   

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Thank you, David. I caught up with the details in your book. I am focused on 1926 so both companies would be independent.


The ownership table on page 132 of your book indicates ten Lutz & Schramm cars in December 1926, but I do not see a listing for L&S in the October 1926 or May 1925 ORERs. I don’t understand why there isn’t a listing in either ORER. I see L&S in the June 1917 ORER, but not in the two issues I have from the mid-1920s.



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Lutz & Schramm was purchased by Squire-Dingee in 1937, although it kept its name. At one time they had 14 cars.  There is a photo in my pickle book showing a L&S car new in 1946. It was built by the Thrall Car company. 
They purchased Cruikshank Brothers in 1952. They had 3 cars at one time. Both used the typical 4 vat cars. Heinz also had 4 vat cars, but most were the enclosed type.
Hope this helps
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