Re: Ore car help

Mel Chase

This is a follow up to let everyone know that Jim Kubajak has finished the Erie Ore Car.  I will add six photos to the archive and label it as such.  But most of all a big Thank You for all the replies goes out to Tom Evans, Steve Hile, Schuyler Larrabee, Dennis Storzek, Ralph W. Brown, Charles Peck, and Dave Bott.  This model is just great looking.  I had the chance to hold it in my hands.  Quite delicate and that was one of the major headaches, Jim mentioned, to build it strong enough to handle.  The pivot point for the center truck is slotted side to side so it successfully tracks though turnouts and curves.  He has moved on to other projects and said the ore car will be one of a kind.  Mel

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