Photo: SFRD 11461 (Rr-49)

Bob Chaparro

Photo: SFRD 11461 (Rr-49)

Photo from Trains Magazine:


“The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe rebuilt older wood refrigerator cars with steel sides instead of buying new cars. The Rr-49 class, pictured, introduced sliding plug doors in 1950. Santa Fe photo”

According to the Santa Fe reefer book, SFRD 11461 was one of 500 reefers (Series 11432-11931) rebuilt in 1950 from wood sheathed Class Rr-5 reefers originally built in 1927.

The Rr-49 reefers kept their original ARA underframe plus the rectangular roof panels installed on the Rr-5 cars between mid-1930 and mid-1940.

These were the first Santa Fe reefers to use convention hatch covers (see photo) rather than the Santa Fe’s characteristic reverse opening hatch covers.

The Rr-49 fleet took a huge hit between 1965 and 1968, decreasing to 223 cars from 457 cars.

There were 174 Rr-49 reefers on the live list in 1970. The last two Rr-49 cars saw revenue service up to 1974.

In HO scale resin kits, Sunshine Models offered a model of an Rr-49 reefer. Check E-Bay and swap meets as Sunshine no longer is in business.

Bob Chaparro


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