Re: Erie Ore Car Finished

Schuyler Larrabee

Mel, thanks for posting those great photos!!  I’m honored to be listed as a contributor to the project.  And I am embarrassingly ENVIOUS of the model.  It’s on my bucket list, but I fear it’s too far down the list for me to ever get to it.  Always wanted one since I saw the on-line photos and the Edison film of one in a rotary dumper!


Extend my congratulations and admiration to Jim Kubajak!




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The Erie Ore Car has been completed by Jim Kubajak  .  I added six pictures to the Photo Section.  For all the replies and help, a big Thank You goes out to Tom Evans, Steve Hile, Schuyler Larrabee, Dennis Storzek, Ralph W. Brown, Charles Peck, and Dave Bott.   Mel

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