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Brian Carlson

Thanks all. These probably came from a Details West package and were orphaned on the workbench. 

Brian J. Carlson 

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On Sat, Jul 3, 2021 at 02:20 AM, Bryian Sones wrote:
Isn't it just the Details West 1021 brake kit in white?
Over the years I think the contents of the kit and sprue size grew to add more parts.
Here is a link of an early kit that had some white metal part added.
Bryian Sones
Union Pacific Prototype Modeler
Murrieta, CA
On Friday, July 2, 2021, 07:16:26 PM PDT, Nelson Moyer <npmoyer@...> wrote:
So where did Martin get them? He didn't do them himself.

Nelson Moyer

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These sets were supplied with Sunshine kits.

Gary Laakso
Northwest of Mike Brock

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Not sure, but could be Eastern Car Works.

Nelson Moyer

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Need some help identifying the sprue I found on my workbench. It’s an Ajax brake wheel and related parts. Does anyone recognize the manufacturer?

Brian J. Carlson

Brian, Bryian and all,

Andy Carlson is correct, this brake detail set was produced by Terry Wegmann.

Terry produced this set in a couple of different versions, one specifically for his Pacific Freight Enterprises PFE R-40-18, 19, 21 car and one that was a more generic version that had additional brake lever components, some of which were for more modern cars. The tooling evolved over time.

Details West marketed them as a separately packaged part.

Martin bought these parts from Terry several times to include in the Sunshine kits along with a separate tank, AB valve, cylinder sprue. I'm sure many remember that part too.

Dan Smith



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