Re: A B&M USRA composite gon at a coal mine in West Virginia (undated)

Benjamin Hom

Schuyler Larrbee asked:
"Hey, isn’t that B&M composite very close to the Walthers gon that was getting so much disrespect on this list a week or so ago?  Certainly in the “close enough” category."

No.  There was a minor threadjack during that conversation - the Monon model Chuck Cover posted was NOT based on the Walthers steel car in question, but on a Walthers flat injection-molded composite gon based on the USRA 40 ft gon.  If you use that kit with Dreadnaught ends, you'd get a model that's close to this prototype.

However, the Walthers/Varney/AHM/Rivarossi/Cox/Bachamnn steel gon is nowhere close to the car in question.

Ben Hom  

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