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Still scratching my head a bit on this one;  349000-349999 were built in three lots 379-G; 389-G and 403-G.  I have-not been able to located anything on the 658000-611999 series;   there were a group of the USRA gons rebuilt in 1937 to steel cars including two of the build lots above, they were assigned NYC Lot 660-G and there are photos of these on the NYCHS Archives

Looking at some later builders’ photos on the same site, it looks like they were still using stripes in the early fifties

Roger Hinman

On Jul 3, 2021, at 2:34 PM, Clark Propst via <cepropst@...> wrote:

I've assembled painted a CHS NYC gon rebuilt from a USRA car, or so the instructions say. It also states these cars were numbered 349000-349999 in two batches. Then it says these cars were renumbered in 1937 to 658000-658499, 659500-659749,661750-661999. There are no photos of one of these cars. The decals have both the initials and numbers between lines and without lines. 

My question is when did the NYC do away with the stripes above and below the initials/numbers? I'd like to do the car for 1950 +- 5 yrs.

Replies are much appreciated,
Clark Propst

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