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Nelson Moyer

It’s the model press that introduced and perpetuates the term stirrup and stirrup step. The kit manufacturers contribute to its continued use. Same thing with roof walk.


The first mention of ‘stirrup’ was in the fourth issue of Model Railroader, April 1934, and it’s been used in Model Railroader ever since.


The first mention of ‘roof walk’ is in the March 1935 issue of Model Railroader, and it’s been used extensively ever since.


Until the model press and manufacturers use correct terminology, there’s no hope of expunging ‘stirrup step’ and ‘roof walk’ from the model lexicon.


Nelson Moyer


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Tony Thompson is correct. In the real world they are not "stirrup steps" they are sill steps and always have been. Where did the name "stirrup steps" come from?

Ed Mims


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