Re: [EXT] [RealSTMFC] caboose colors

Jim Betz

  OK - we all agree that the paint called "red lead" wasn't very red.  Done.
But this thread has been entirely hijacked by those posting - correct information
that isn't exactly "on topic"  ... the OP wants to know "when were cabooses
first painted Red?".  Not 'red lead', not the earlier 'iron oxide' but the classic
red caboose.  Yes, the actual color varied from RR to RR - he's not interested
in that variation but rather wants some idea of when the use of Red paint for
cabeese was first used/became so common across all the RRs.
  And, if you know, when it was first used on the GN (because that is his
RR of primary interest).
  I suspect he may also like to know "why?" ... why was it adopted for
cabeese for so many RRs?  My -guess- about that is ... wait for it ... 
simply to improve visibility.

  Come on guys - someone has to know the answer.  Even if it is only for
their RR and not the GN.
                                                                                   - Jim

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