Re: NYC reblt gon

nyc3001 .

To add, most of the "USRA" gondolas that the Central owned were actually built as all-steel clones from 1925 to 1929. The actual wood-sheathed USRA gons (that were later rebuilt into the F&C kit's prototype) numbered 2000 (iirc) while the steel clones numbered 8499. All except the last few orders (which had Dreadnaught ends) had Murphy ends and differed in some small ways from the actual USRA gons which had seams on the bottoms and ends of the car sides after they were rebuilt as steel cars.

But from ~1948, the steel clones were rebuilt with new sides that had a slight fishbelly and new IDN ends. So, in 1948-1952, you could actually see at least four common variantsĀ of "USRA" gons (if I'm not mistaken, there were taller USRA clones and cars rebuilt as very short auto-frame cars too).

I'm also trying to determine is the rate at which the clones were rebuilt into fishbelly-side cars so I can represent a mix of these gons accurately in my own 1951 Central collection.


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