Re: [EXT] [RealSTMFC] caboose colors

Doug Paasch

This is a cross-posting I just placed on the GN list, but here is what I have on GN caboose colors:


I dug out my copy of “Rocky and Old Bill – A History of Great Northern Paint and Lettering Schemes” by Hank Stevens published and copyrighted in 1994.  According to it, the paint scheme for GN cabooses was “mineral red” with white lettering into the 1920s, and was changed to vermillion bodies with black roofs, trucks, underframes, end platforms, and ladders in the 1920’s, with some cabooses still in mineral red into the 1930s.  The lettering starting with the vermillion cabooses was yellow into the 1950s, and if repainted 1953-1956, lettering was changed to white.  The roofs started being painted silver in the early 1960s, although wood roofs could be painted silver or black even then.  And of course, 1967 was when Big Sky Blue replaced vermillion.


So the short answer is, mineral red (boxcar red) into the 1920s, then vermillion 1920s until 1967, with many remaining vermillion to the end.  White lettering into the 1920s on mineral red, then yellow lettering on vermillion 1920s to 1950s, then white lettering on vermillion 1950s, then white on BSB 1967 when repainted or if new.


   Doug Paasch



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