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Bruce Smith


The presence or absence of an upper deck does not change the class. K7A stock cars were convertible. I have modeled one without the upper deck, as written up in TKM. My guess is that they were used without upper decks far more often than with the upper deck in place. Thus, the car in the photo is clearly a K7A.


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The car to the left of the K7 is a K8. As the the K7 vs K7a: It looks to me that the notches which would retain the cross members bearing the upper deck are empty, that is, no cross pieces hence no upper deck. Does that make it a K7? See K7a diagram and photo at:

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Hi Bob and List Members,

I think I can just make out the class marking as K7a on the right-most stock car. My memory (could be wrong) is that these cars were rebuilt from class X24 auto box cars.

Also note the ARMOUR stock car discernable between the two PRR cars.

Claus Schlund

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  Photo: PRR Livestock Cars (1941)

  Photo from the Library of Congress:

  Scroll on the photo to enlarge it.

  Bob Chaparro

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Bob Netzlof a/k/a Sweet Old Bob

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