Re: Retired vs. Scrapped?

Charles Peck

The answer might be that there was little market for scrap during the Depression, At the same time, retiring unneeded 
equipment to get it off the books may have had advantages. 
Chuck Peck

On Mon, Jul 5, 2021 at 2:21 PM akerboomk <ken-akerboom@...> wrote:
Looking thru the B&M car disposal records (coming, eventually, to the web site), one thing I noticed...

Up thru 1930, cars were noted "sold for scrap"
Starting in 1931, cars were noted "Retired" (or "Retired a/c age")

Anyone know if there was an accounting or ICC reporting or ? change at that point in time?
Or is this just a "B&M Thing"

Note other cars were noted "Destroyed" (I assume that means "wrecked"), so it's not that.

Ken Akerboom

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