Re: HO Freight Car Truck Axle Lengths

Brian Carlson

Intermountain wheels are around 1.015 axle length. Tangent and arrowhead are about the same. Exxactrail code 88 are 1.002 but I’ve not used them. 

Some might work in those trucks you have. Alternatively you can upgrade the trucks to those by Tahoe model works, tangent, rapido and others where appropriate. 

Brian J. Carlson 

On Jul 5, 2021, at 10:14 PM, Vera Mills <gleng20.mills@...> wrote:

Having exhausted my HO freight car trucks with metal wheels, I now have a need to purchase replacement wheel sets.
Trucks in my spares box requiring metal axles and wheels are as follows:
Accurail 100
Athearn 90400
C&BT Shops equivalent to Walthers 1001/1012
Intermountain pre-war A3
Roundhouse 2923
Train-Miniature/Walthers 1001/1012.
I realise that the situation is more difficult with the demise of Reboxx but any suggestions of a source for both code 88 and 110 wheels would be greatly appreciated.
Glen Mills

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