Re: Still another eBay listing

Clark Propst

The reweigh is 11-48, easily changed. Would be happy to do that for the buyer.

The interior is 'cleaner' now after use.

The back story for this car is I have a magazine with an article on the branch I model by Bill Armstrong. There's a photo (attached) of them turning the engine on a wye. The train has an 40' NYC gondola. One day talking to a friend he said he was about to start on a NYC gondola. After asking about the model I said I'd like to buy it. Fast forward 18 months, we're at Caboose Stop Hobbies in Cedar Falls Iowa. There's a couple partially built older kits that have been there for years. I asked what the "Make me buy it" price was? They ended up coming home with me. One was a NYC 40' gon. I don't need two and thought the Sunshine model might be more in demand than the older one. So, I put it on eBay.

Clark Propst

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