Pre-painted resin box car castings

Andy Carlson

I received an order from a STMFC'er this past weekend for one of my resin box car casting sets. This particular one was for a Western Pacific 40' single sheathed z-bar trussed box car.

Since I have been playing around with painting car side molds prior to pouring in the poly urethane resin to see the viability for giving different opportunities for modeling.

The pre-painting molds is exactly what fiberglass boats and Corvettes get their "gel Coat Finishes". One interesting aspect of this is that the surface finish of the mold is transferred 100% to the painted surface so the results are essentially a perfect paint finish.

Another experiment was doing a multi-layer painted mold, visible color followed by hair spray followed with a darkened grey/black color. This allows the use of scratching the paint to mimic the peeling paint distressed car body sides where the exposed wood has weathered to a dark patina.
Inline image
This is an example of the paint weathering on one of these WP 40' SS box cars in their final use in Gypsum service.

Pictured below is some of the set of castings for this special order. In addition to the really close WP mineral red color, the hair spray and grey/black colors are under the red. With the initially fully intact mineral red, the builder can use his fiberglass erasure to any level from mild to extreme.

Inline image

My camera is changing the red color from the close match of the above prototype. Our very own Garth Groff recommended to me an Ace Hardware brand of primer which looks very good compared with vintage color photos of the prototypes.

With a coat of Pledge with Future Acrylic floor coating, one could go to decaling rather quickly. (Please ignore the dust and loose bits of dirt on the pictured castings--next time I will dust before shooting). Besides the viewed sides and ends, I also did the same pre-paint to the roof's mold.

Everyone do well and stay safe,
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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