Re: Post Card: East Tennessee Packing Company (Selecto)

Tony Thompson

Bob Chaparro wrote:

Post Card: East Tennessee Packing Company (Selecto)
From the Knoxville History Project website:
“Knoxville was once notable for pork, and in the season of Christmas hams, this week we’re sharing this ca. 1930 image of this once well-known South Knoxville plant. East Tennessee Packing Co. was best known for its store brand, Selecto. It was on the south side of the river, just west of Suttree Landing. Shared by Sam Furrow.”
I’ve seen several models of Selecto refrigerator cars but no prototypes. The models have green sides but the reefers in the postcard have yellow sides.
Does anyone have a prototype photo?

I think it is risky to trust these colorized images. Sometimes, of course, they are accurate, but I know of a number of them with wrong colors of buildings and railroad equipment.

Tony Thompson

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