Re: SHPX 161 two compartment tank in 1950 (possibly built 7-7-30)

Ed Hawkins

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Evidently discussed a while ago - my notes say ex-CLX #2270 Crew-Levick ==> CitiesService

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SHPX 161 two compartment tank in 1950 (possibly built 7-7-30)
Metadata below

ACF lot 1152 was a quantity of 10 "Type 28 Modified,” ICC-103, 10,000-gallon capacity, 2-compartment, CLX 2270-2279, built 7-30. The underframe lacked having the customary rolled-channel 7” side sills from the bolsters to end sills & 9” end sills of the Type 27 design. It’s noted that the wreck tore off the entire underframe end structure at both ends, which I can only wonder if the Type 27 underframe might have withstood this damage.

The 1955 tank car tariff denoted SHPX 158-160, 162, and 164-166 (7 cars) as having a nominal tank capacity of 10,000 gallons and each dome 124 gallons. With just 161 & 163 lacking from a continuous series 158-166, it’s apparent that SHPX received 9 of the original 10 cars. 

In case it’s of interest, attached is the sample ACF builder of CLX 2270. In the 1936 tank car tariff book, all 10 cars were listed.

To put these cars into perspective, these 10 cars were the only 10,000-gallon, 2-compartment, either ARA III or ICC-103 tank cars that ACF ever built. What might be called exceptions to this rule were two TIDX special-design tank cars built in 1-23 (lot 9427) lacking any classification as the car was used for fire foam service. 

Ed Hawkins

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