Re: Photo: Santa Fe Boxcars At Hills Brothers Coffee Factory (1938)

John Barry


The cars at Hills Bros are in fact on a State Belt spur served from the south as you surmised.  The Santa Fe Spear St yard was behind the Marine building with a Santa Fe owned spur running on the back side of Hills Bros up Spear street.  The State Belt switched all of the trackage north of China Basin, including the ATSF & SP owned tracks.  Attached is the 1938 Google Earth view showing the State Belt tracks in gold and the SF in blue.  Not all tracks highlighted.Inline image

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Bob and Friends,

Interesting that both Santa Fe cars are 50' auto cars. I have attached a 1949+ Sanborn map which sadly does not show the trackage. My best guess is that this was the State Belt Railroad (later San Francisco Belt Railroad) and it approached from the left (real direction south). As you can see from the photo, the Oakland Bay Bridge is somewhat beyond the Marine Corps building to the left. A current view of the buildings is enclosed. The track in the street is the Muni heritage streetcar line.

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Photo: Santa Fe Boxcars At Hills Brothers Coffee Factory (1938)

Photo from the OpenSFHistory website.


“View west across Embarcadero to bridge, Hills Brothers Coffee Plant with freight cars alongside.”

Bob Chaparro

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