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John Barry

Indian Red Way Cars are mid-decade in the future (1966) for those modified with cushion underframes on the Santa Fe.  1974 saw the demise of Mineral Brown in favor of Indian Red on the remaining way cars.  Throughout the period of the list, Mineral Brown was the car body color.

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On Wednesday, July 7, 2021, 12:57:29 AM EDT, Charlie Vlk <cvlk@...> wrote:

There is a cabinet card currently on eXxx showing an early Great Northern caboose with dark color drop shadows on lighter color lettering.  The car body might be varnished natural wood or perhaps a shade of yellow/ ocher.  Lettering is of a style recognizable as a forerunner of STMFC patterns.
Charlie Vlk

On Jul 6, 2021, at 11:14 PM, Jim Betz <jimbetz@...> wrote:

  I don't think you are taking the date of that article (1906) nor the source (Leavenworth Times, a
newspaper) enough into consideration.  I do not know what color the GN cabeese were in 1906
but, to be perfectly honest, using a newspaper article to determine the 'proper/right' color for a
GN caboose in 1906 seems ... to me at least ... dubious.  It's probably better than nothing at
all but I don't know how much better nor how much stock you should take as it being "a
reliable source".
  It would not surprise me to learn that the GN crummies were tuscan/mineral red in 1906.
But I'd prefer to have a different information source.  At best, it would seem that an article
in the Leavenworth Times is 'good for Leavenworth' ... but since practices on the GN in that
era were considerably different ... it may not apply to what was happening in the Twin Cities.
I believe that the GN and almost all RRs in the early 1900s assigned the caboose to a
specific conductor (as opposed to a "train") and so when the crew was changed out so
was the caboose.  That would mean that if Leavenworth was a division point in the first
decade of the 1900s that any way car the reporter might have seen would be ones that
were assigned to Leavenworth and the lines on either side/around Leavenworth ... but
probably didn't run thru to Spokane, Seattle, etc.  A good guess might be from Leavenworth
to Wenatchee?
                                                                                                        - Jim 

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