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Schuyler Larrabee

Well, for the second time today, it appears I can see very well.  You’re correct, of course.




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It looks like a footbridge across a drainage ditch. There are stairs on both ends.

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What is that for?


In the photo, second link below, there is something odd at the lower left.


At first glance I thought “That’s a silly place for a diving board.”  But then I wondered what IS that for?

There’s no track on which cars could be run that the extended plank would reach.


What is that for?




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Hi List Members,


Some views of Penn Gas Coal Co equipment...


PGCCo 2807, a PRR class GL hopper clone, reweigh date might be 1915...




Next there is a Penn Gas Coal Co mine. The hopper closest to the camera appears to be a PRR class GLa clone and not a car belonging to the PRR since the numeric (3270 as near as I can tell) end reporting mark style does not match PRR paint and lettering  practice. I do have an image of another PGCCo GLa clone, PGCCo 3310, and so the number 3270 could easily fall into the PGCCo number range. This very well may be a PGCCo car, but I cannot say for sure



According to the article "PENNSY GLa HOPPERS" by Burg (RMJ Feb2002) Penn Gas Coal Co was 'taken over by Westmoreland Coal' in 1918




Claus Schlund


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