Re: [EXT] Re: [RealSTMFC] Walthers Proto PRR X29b

Randy Hammill

Yeah, this is their reasoning:

These moved on dedicated freight trains with expedited schedules, covering the 900 miles between New York and Chicago in as little as 32 hours. 

And the description:

With all-new tooling to capture the look of the prototypes, the WalthersProto X29b features the correct larger body, 7' Youngstown doors, a diagonal panel roof and 4/3/1 Dreadnaught ends, and come finished in the early silver scheme with the circle Keystone. 

Although I’m not a Pennsy expert, I haven’t heard of such trains. I’ll take the word of those of you more informed. I also have no need for a caboose, of course.

I’d happy to go in on a set with one or several others, and take my chances on one or two cars’ worth. I suspect that since they are only being sold in a set, the resale value individually would cover costs if I/we decided they weren’t up to my/our standards. I do hope the roof is separate, I’d rather do the earlier rectangular panel roof since that will cover a greater period of my modeling era.


Randy Hammill
Prototype Junction

Modeling the New Haven Railroad 1946-1954

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