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Actually, I think Berwind is Windber flipped.  I think the coal company came up with that one!

Jim Hunter

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Windber, Pa. (Cambria County near Johnstown), was a company coal patch town. Windber is BERWIND flipped. In the 1990’s I was involved in a construction project in Windber and was fascinated that the Berwind-White Coal Company still had leased coal reserve holdings in that area in that era. FYI stuff!


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Walthers has a history of pulling "facts" out of thin air. Years ago they claimed the Berwind-White Coal Co. was so named for their low smoke "white" coal when in fact Berwind and White were the two guys who started the corporation. That irked me then, this irks me now.



Bob Netzlof a/k/a Sweet Old Bob






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