Re: 1st with K4 decals

Robert Allan

I've had pretty good experience with K4 decals. Nice variety of Eastern RR's, plus a good price point as delivery is included.

I would agree that the Speedwitch now NSC are best in class. Also good experience with Westerfield, Mt Vernon Car Works and Smokebox Graphics.

I have a set of Black Cat decals for a CNR project but cannot comment on quality as I haven't used them yet.

Tichy's have been troublesome for me. I don't even start without a coat of Microscale decal film. Their inability to conform to irregular surfaces requires a lot of patience and Microsol. Since they have a nice variety of roadnames, it's a shame.

Microscale has been hit and miss for me. Seems like they can get old and begin deteriorating.

Bob Allan

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