Re: Photo: NYC Gondola 329127 (1920)

Benjamin Hom

Bob Chaparro wrote:
"Photo: NYC Gondola 329127 (1920)
Photo from the Milwaukee Public Library: 

You previously posted this on March 3.

"Drop bottom design?"

Not exactly.  As I replied back on March 3, NYC 328000-329499, ex-LS&MS 51000-52499, Lot LS 86, 1,500 40 ft hopper bottom gons.  

"Partial view of Michigan Central gondola 7512 also."
MCRR 7500-7999, Lot 223-G, 500 35 ft 8 in wooden drop bottom gons in this series.  1,500 additional cars built for NYC&HR, LS&MS, and Big 4.  

Ben Hom

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