MP 1942 Boxcars 10-6 32500-33299 Photo Help

Brian Carlson

Way back in 2005 the Sunshine mini-kit for Naperville was for a MP 1942 era built boxcar. That was my first naperville and I started the kit around 2007 but never finished it.  It's been sitting on the workbench mostly done since 2008.  One issue was decals since I model 1956 but I have have that resolved.  My Covid promise was no more starts until the old ones were finished.  This guy is up next.

The instructions have disappeared but that is ok. Can anyone help me find a few photos of these cars? When I started this car I just followed the directions. I didn't know better, and my first few resin cars were Westerfield.  You can just follow the instructions. Since then (14 years!) I have realized that I should have more materials. 

I think National Scale Car has a mini kit for the same cars now. The cars were in the 32500-33299 number series and constructed by ACF.

Brian Carlson 
Cheektowaga NY

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