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Careful on Viking roofs.

I think they varied over time and that Viking was more like Murphy and thus a brand name applied to several/multiple designs. The reason I think that is one of the builder orders for CNR's 500500-503499 series boxcars (the Accurail car prototype) had Viking roofs (all the others of that series had a Hutchins roof like the Accurail kit).

However that Viking roof wasn't at all like Ron Sebastian's roof. I photographed one of these particular cars before I was wise enough to get up in the roof and look at it. However my from the ground photos suggested that Viking roof was much like a Hutchins roof but with two parallel panel stiffener creases instead of one panel stiffener in the center of the panel.

Maybe it's time for the publication of the definitive "learned study" of the always visible freight car roof. It won't be me as us CNR folks have it easy (there were few exceptions to the Hutchins roof rule on CNR steel-frame house cars).

I have one of these Sunshine Viking roofs and, unless it has been redone
since, it is one of their early F&C castings. The only word that fits it is
crude but it was the only game in twon when first offered. I wonder. however
if one of Ron Sebastian's Des Plaines Hobbies Viking roofs might be modified
to fit and provide a result that is light years better. Perhaps it would be
better just to purchase the whole Maine Central kit from Sunshine if it is
still offered. The X-29's variants are IMHO another instance of our being let
down by Red Cabooose. The car is great for SPF's but could stand a bit more
investment for additional parts to make it equally correct for other roads.

Take care, Don Valentine

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