Re: can anyone recommend a rail brown paint that I can brush onto the rail?


I've always used weathered rail, and I'm still laying it on Central Valley tie strip.  I haven't applied paint to hardly any rail, so I can't answer the question directly, but the weathered rail has been bathed in acid, presumably their "Rail Weathering Solution" which I believe is selenous acid, which produces a browniish color as the chemical reaction begins.  Could be that this treatment also removes a lot of the drawing lubricant and whatever else is on as-drawn rail.

I used to use Floquil Instant Weathering in a rattle can on the tie strip before laying it, applying it randomly and masking off a few ties here and there to simulate new ties.  Old CV tie strip was black, but now it's a brown color -- I called them to discuss this once.  Now I use Scalecoat II weathering colors, paint pens, and some other stuff to color the tie strip, usually before cementing sections of it together so that this mixes up the coloring on the ties even more.

I use the Rail Brown color a lot for rusty stuff, since most of the available "rust" colors are the color of rust that's a few days old at most.

Ron Merrick

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