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Fortunately, when I modelled a car from that specific series (see my model article in Model Railroading ca 1993 for the detail) I removed the Accurail single stiffner and added two "stiffners" to each side of each panel using thin .005 styrene strips that I cut from sheet stock.

Not an overly difficult task and it sounds like I got pretty close to what would have been required.

Maybe some one ought to bash a pattern for one of these early Viking roofs using an Accurail model roof. It would make another useful resin part for the truly committed (best ask for permission though).

Stafford Swain wrote:

However my from the ground photos
suggested that Viking roof was much like a Hutchins roof but with two
parallel panel stiffener creases instead of one panel stiffener in
the center of the panel.
Sounds like the early Viking roof. They had two stiffeners, although
they were not very prominent, leading to people missing them.

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