Re: Photo: PRR Livestock Car 135499

Benjamin Hom

Bob Chaparro wrote:
"Photo: PRR Livestock Car 135499

Photo courtesy of Carl Venzke.

Gus Ubaldi commented:

“According to 1953 Railway Equipment Register, it was the last of an 813 car order of convertible deck, steel frame, 42' 6", class K7a stock car.”

And a second photo from the railroad.

A note by Thomas M. Olsen:

Part of series 134079 - 135499.  1420 Cars.  Convertible Deck, Steel Underframe. AAR, Mech. Designation "SC"

A note by Ben Hom:

PRR 134079-135499, K7A (10/1963 - 3, none listed in 4/1968)"

To pull together the overall picture beyond the snippets of information above, Class K7A was rebuilt from Class X24 automobile boxcars in 1934-1935 and represented the largest single class of PRR stock cars during the steam-to-diesel transition era.  This is the prototype for the Broadway Limited HO and N scale models.  An article on improving the HO scale models, along with some prototype information, appeared in Issue 20 of The Keystone Modeler.

Ben Hom


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