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Thank you Steve, this is a big help. Yes, Illini  has 3 cars with numbers <25050 and United in NJ also has one 25048. So, every piece on the puzzle helps. The photos I have found are Silver paint scheme. These cars are from about 1954. Does anyone know when the Swift Red scheme became Silver?  And/or were these cars always silver scheme? Again, thanks to everyone.

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The SRLX cars are listed in the GATX area of the ORER.


In 1966 I see



With these note a few pages later



There are a couple of these cars at the Illinois Railway Museum.


Steve Hile


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I have the 7/56, 1/58, and 1/59 ORERs and do not find SRLX 25000 series in any of them.

Richard Townsend

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