Re: InterMountain HO Scale Two-Bay Hoppers (Re-Release)

Brian Carlson

It’s quite simple. The other hobbies you mention the hobby is building the model. Sometimes people will build dioramas for the models but that’s about it. Model railroading on the other hand the end goal is generally to have a functioning model railroad. About 20 years ago the consumer spoke with their wallets in the switch from kits to ready to run really accelerated.  We often forget on this list that we are in the minority of the hobby.

I currently pick up kits whenever I can find them. I just bought 10 IMWX boxcar kits at $10 each for stock and kitbashing purposes.  I wish I could find about half a dozen branchline boxcar kits. 

Brian J. Carlson 

On Jul 24, 2021, at 12:50 PM, Brian Shumaker <brian.shumaker@...> wrote:

It is SOP with model railroad manufacturers. I don’t understand it at all as the other injected plastic hobbies are doing very nicely producing kits. Why do the plastic car, aircraft, armor and ship modelers get what ever they want in seemingly endless inventory, and we get nothing? Don’t get me started on the multitudes of aftermarket resin and etched metal enhancements produced for nearly every kit in every scale. We’re getting the shaft from the manufacturers.
Brian Shumaker

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